The Worn Baby

Babywearing. Many aren't sure exactly what that term means. I happened to be one of those people when I first started.

When my first son was born in 2002, I ended up with severe postpartum depression. I didn't realize everything that I had been doing helped add to that: birth induction, listening and doing what others told me to, not trusting myself and my mommy gut. My way of handling my postpartum depression was to keep my baby close to me. Others told me I was wrong. But I knew better! That's when I first started listening to my inner voice.

I purchased my first sling when my son was three months old. I knew I wanted to keep him with me, but at 20 pounds, I needed some help. I asked my mom friends over at iVillage which sling I should buy. When I got it, I had no clue how to use it and felt lost. We used it as much as we felt comfortable, but with his size, all the padding & no he, we stopped using it quickly.

In 2005, we were expecting our second son. I knew I wanted to give babywearing another whirl and started researching some more on my own. Most mothers will remember what it's like the first time they walked into Babies R Us. Can you say overwhelming?! That's exactly how I felt when I started researching babywearing & found The Babywearer. I can sometimes be a little persistent and stubborn. Lucky for me, that helped in my babywearing experience as I was NOT going to listen to naysayers and not carry my baby. Babywearing the second time made our lives absolutely amazing! There was no sibling rivalry. No carrying a heavy carseat carrier. No struggling to juggle a three-year-old, a baby, and a stroller. It also helped me breastfeed successfully. But you know what? Baby carriers can cost a lot & they weren't in our budget. People often laugh when I explain to them that I sold my husband's clothes on eBay in order to have money to buy and try baby carriers. And in Oklahoma in 2005, there was no other choice but order and have it shipped.

Over 11 years of trial & error with hours of research & training. Babywearing is my life, passion, love.

And look at how things have changed since!!

Written by Piper Nard — August 02, 2013

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