The Worn Baby

I found babywearing after a long search for a way to soothe my teething toddler and get things done at the same time. Once I discovered all of babywearing’s magical properties, I quickly started buying any and every sling I could find. Within a few weeks I had seen several wraps come and go, had a couple ring slings, a didytai and more on the way. I was ADDICTED!! Luckily I had some help and guidance so I wasn’t just buying anything under the sun, but I was buying anything that caught my eye. People I hardly knew were asking if I needed an intervention! I’m still an addict but  on the road to recovery. 

Trying so many wraps from many different price points gave me the opportunity to compare. I always wondered why one cotton wrap could go for over $400 and one could be $60. No idea! So after testing and trying I learned that not all wraps are created equal. Some brands are great for heavier babies and some have a bit too much give to hold hefty toddlers. Some blends are soft straight out of the bag and others need breaking in. Some wraps have a lot of texture and others are smooth.

The most important thing I learned is that I don’t have to spend $500 to have my baby close to me! There are slings under $100 that wrap just as well as a sling that is $500. The important part of babywearing is having your baby close! There is nothing better than a cranky toddler suddenly soothed by the sway of a mama cooking dinner. I have since sold the majority of my carriers and am left with a small, but well loved stash. So, whether you are spending $60 or $500, get something you love! Use it, love it and love your baby in it! :)



Written by Sarah Hester — October 09, 2013

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