The Worn Baby

Thank you for visiting The Worn Baby, where we are all things babywearing! What makes us different? The owner, Piper Nard, is Oklahoma's first certified babywearing educator & affiliated instructor through the Babywearing Institute. She has been teaching babywearing education & spreading the babywearing love through the state since 2006. Piper has also been serving moms and families with birth doula work since 2006 in and around Oklahoma City. More info on birth doula services, rentals, babywearing classes & groups can be found at BabywearingDoula and on Facebook.

We want you to use the carrier you purchase, so please feel free to ask any questions while making your decision. Questions can be asked via email, phone or even Facetime or Skype. If we don't have what will work best, we will be happy to point you in the right direction, to businesses we trust won't steer you wrong.

Chris & Piper have been married since 1998. They live in N. OKC with their 3 boys & doggy children. *If you or someone in your home has a pet allergy, please be aware that our boxer & bulldog are a part of our family. While neither will allow me to wear him in the carriers, I cannot guarantee that none of their fur won't hitch a ride on a bag or box.*


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