The Worn Baby

Ethos - Key to Time


A gorgeous, 100% cotton wrap based on the design of Tom Baker's infamous Doctor Who scarf. Woven on Ethos Babywearing's new handloom as an exclusive for The Worn Baby.

The colors of this wrap have been picked specifically based off of the included still from the show. However, keep in mind that each monitor/screen shows colors differently. Each color has been custom-dyed to our specifications. With the way wraps are woven, there will be some normal nubs/slubs/minor cosmetic differences to the fabric that will not jeopardize safety. In keeping with the true characteristics of a scarf, this wrap will not have tapered ends, the ends will be blunt.

There are 2 versions of this wrap: Version one has a stripe with a dark navy that looks almost black. Version two's stripe is more of a royal blue and is closer to the original mockup. All wraps will be Version 2 unless noted.

*Seconds quality wraps will be wraps with have some cosmetic issues, but these issues will not compromise the integrity of the carrier* 


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