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Ethos - Solace Vesper


The gorgeous Solace wrap by Ethos is woven from 100% cotton midnight black and dove gray. The wrap has a very special meaning - "

This wrap is dedicated specially to the mothers who have lost a baby, but there are so many losses that deprive us of someone to hold. This wrap is for the fathers of those babies, too. It is for the grandbabies who have lost grandparents, and the grandparents who have lost grandbabies. Solace for the parent who has lost his or her partner. Solace for the mother who grieves the loss of the dreamed-of birth. Solace for the parent who has lost a parent. For the loss of a self that existed before a new chapter began. For the grievance of the loss of a relationship that ended. For the parents who grieve a brother or sister: an aunt or an uncle their babies won't know.

For all these reasons and more, we dedicate this wrap to them, those whose hearts have been pulled in directions they didn't know existed, or directions they already knew but wished they'd never return to.

May it bring you peace in the midst of the struggle. May it calm the fury of the darkness."

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