The Worn Baby

Sling Ring Necklace

The Worn Baby

The sling ring necklace was designed by Piper for her youngest son. When teething, he would want to chew on cloth. And as a plus sized mother, Piper found many necklaces didn't quite reach low enough to keep baby's attention while nursing or being worn. After trying to come up with something that he loved, it was only fitting that the Babywearing Doula would have a necklace from a sling ring!


Each necklace is handmade, many times by Piper's two older sons. They are made from 100% cotton and 1 coordinating sling ring. The necklaces are adjustable with slip knots so you can get the length of necklace that works best for your body type. Placement of designs on the fabric, as well as length, will differ from necklace to necklace. The necklaces can be washed with clothing, though once dry, you may need to straighten out the fabric on the ring. Measurements given are the maximum length (as shown in picture).


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